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Documentaries popular among young Chinese

Great beauty of Xinjiang Aksu's intangible cultural heritage: The Art of Uyghur kalong making Artisan recreates over 100 traditional costumes in beautiful presentation of Hanfu worn in China’s ancient past Young female saving traditional dyeing craft from dying HK schools hold various activities on 20th CPC National Congress Chinese vice premier congratulates Wentian mission participants Entrepreneurs, artists keep silk making heritage alive in Macclesfield, Britain Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou) scheduled to open in September Digital Economy Thematic Forum of World Youth Development Forum held in Beijing Pic story: inheritor of Luonan handmade hallow noodle making skills in NW China In pics: media preview of Singapore Night Festival China successfully launches Wentian lab module, construction of China’s space station enters full speed stage The art inside of a snuff bottle China's Wentian lab module docks with Tianhe core module combination "Vincent meets Rembrandt: the Untold Story" exhibition held in Amsterdam China's ODI ranks among world's top three in 10 consecutive years Documentaries popular among young Chinese China's FAST telescope under maintenance in Guizhou In pics: demonstration test paddy in E China's Anhui China-supported ICT project completed in Bangladesh